Argo Mobile Repair Team are trusted by OEM’s, Operators & MRO’s worldwide with comprehensive and dependable inspection & repair services.

Formed from the Argo Group which was founded in 1988 in Germany, Argo Mobile Repair Team are a best in class provider of premium aircraft services specialising in metallic and composite structural repairs. Our UK CAA, EASA & FAA Part 145C approvals offer further capabilities delivering interconnected support across multiple disciplines to all sectors of the aviation industry.

Argo Group

Argo Aviation Group is an association of aviation industry specialists that services Aviation, Defence, and Space industries across the full product life cycle from Design, production and aftermarket. The group’s operating businesses specialise in Training, Software development, Recruitment services and Maintenance, inspection and repair solutions. Our global presence with offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America allows for the quick deployment of talent supported with local knowledge and capability to support our customers assets across Air, Land and Sea.


Our added value comes from our people and the knowledge base they can deliver. Our team’s years of service at all levels of the OEM and MRO markets means we understand the importance of our client's values which enables clarity and focus to our approach. Ultimately this provides our clients with the required support, when they need it.

Jeremy Bateson

Head of Engineering

“Jeremy's 32 years aerospace experience is supported by 20 of those as a licensed B1/C engineer.  Backed by 11 type ratings and years of knowledge gained from civilian and military arenas working for the MOD, Marshalls, BMI and Flybe.  His later position of Senior Project Manager with the Bombardier MRT provides our clients with a unique skill set and dependable support with structural repairs, project management and AOG requirements."

Neil Simkin

Head of Safety & Quality

“Neil has an extensive range of skills and experience gained through 38 years in the aerospace industry, 20 of these as a licensed B1/C engineer. Carrying 8 type ratings backed by his RAF service and former senior roles in both civil and military fields at Marshalls, Flybe & BMI. Also his knowledge built as a project manager for the Bombardier MRT provides first class support to our clients from repair solutions to inspection services and project management."

Chris Wilson

Head of Commercial

“With over 27 years of logistics experience within the aerospace industry Chris delivers a strong lead on all commercial disciplines spanning both Part M and Part 145. Having held the position of Head of Logistics at Flybe he provides our clients with second to none supply chain management and logistics support."

Brett Gough

Workshop & Mobile Repair Team Manager

“Brett's experience within the aerospace industry has been developed over 33 years of hands on experience working on a wide spectrum of platforms and project types. His strong project management experience and knowledge of structures is an asset to any client.”

Anne Bateson

Technical Services Manager

“Anne provides a wealth of knowledge, delivering client support across engineering, planning and technical services. Her experience is backed by her time served aircraft apprenticeship plus 29 years in the aerospace industry supporting both civil and military platforms at the MOD, BMI and Flybe.”

Lee Frost

Business Manager

“Lee has over 15 years experience in the aerospace industry with former skills gained in IT and Marketing. The experience and skills gained with Virgin Atlantic and Flybe provide a strong understanding of logistics, planning, maintenance and airline operations. Combined with his exceptional analytical and IT experience he delivers efficiency and process improvement to any client project.”

Sarah Stewart

Operations Support Manager

“Sarah brings a wealth of experience to our team. An expert negotiator with the skills to forge solid relationships with key stakeholders."


To Achieve a best in class service that all of our clients can depend on
To Reliably provide our clients with consistent and innovative services
To Guarantee the same high level of attention across all of our services
To Operate our capabilities globally without compromising on flexibility